Police Make Film Celebs Non-Drinkers

By - February 23, 2015 - 07:30 PM IST

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For some of you it is a vice, for some it is heaven and for some it is an addiction but despite the various perspectives, drinking always plays a key role in many lives. Now, the film celebrities of Tollywood are having a bit of a tough time and they are converting into non-drinkers in the last few months.

Apparently, wherever celebs are partying, the local police and media are hovering around to catch them red handed. There are different reporters for different genres such as film, crime, politics, sports, lifestyle etc. The film reporters are very friendly with cine people and they also attend the film parties.

But crime reporters tend to record everything and due to this, celebs are being careful and are not drinking. If they really want to drink they are coming in cab or carrying a nondrinker friend. They are also caught by the fear of the cops and it has brought a drastic change in their drinking habits. What are your thoughts on this transition?