Top Director Takes Swetha Basu's Incident?

By - February 25, 2015 - 07:01 PM IST

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Swetha Basu Prasad is a National Award winning actor. But unfortunately, she was popular with the recent sex scandal busted in a private hotel in Hyderabad.

She was sent to the rescue home and later released. Swetha is slowly turning on her film career but the incident has evoked a furor nationwide. There were many comments, debates and discussions over the issue while many supported her, many lampooned the showbiz business.

Keeping aside the pros and cons of the issue, the entire Swetha Basu Prasad episode has become a feed for filmmakers. As per inside sources, a successful and top most director of Tollywood is touching upon Swetha Basu’s incident in his upcoming movie. He is presenting the issue in a whole new light and has crafted the film in a way that surges respect for women and especially heroines.

A well-known face shall play the lead role in this film and this movie will hit the floors very soon. This is the new topic of discussion in the industry and everyone is very curious about the film.

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