Success Sutra Of Young Heroes

By - February 25, 2015 - 11:03 AM IST

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The biggest challenge when you become a hero is to come up with at least one hit among your first few releases because that is going to decide the rest of your career. So, what does it take to get that success and are there any parameters to it? Well, some of the film analysts think there are few norms for that.

In the recent past, the likes of Nikhil Siddhartha, Sundeep Kishan have been busy with films and there is a reason they are going forward with success. On the other hand, someone like Varun Sandesh was immensely successful at the start but now he is not flourishing. So, what’s the catch point?

Well, it is right script, right director, cinematographer and music. The young heroes should have correct idea and also have close comfort level with the four segments only then success comes. All those heroes who are doing every other film taking it as an opportunity are getting washed away. They should not do it for count or else they will end up going out of count.  If you are an aspiring hero, you could take a leaf from the book of Nikhil and Sundeep.

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