'That Scene with Ramya Krishna is my Fav One' says Vishal

By - February 26, 2015 - 12:19 PM IST

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Actor Vishal is known for his versatility in variety in every role he portrays. He stunned the Telugu Audience with his classy performance in award winning director Bala’s Vaadu Veedu. It is indeed a pride to see this Telugu native excelling in South Indian Cinema and also venturing into Production by establishing his own production company Vishal Film Factory. After the moderate success of his earlier film Pooja, now the actor is all set to entertain Telugu audience with his latest offering Maga Maharaju releasing this Friday. Here is an iQlik exclusive interview with the talented actor:

Hello Vishal..

Please tell us about your latest film Maga Maharaju..
It is a mass masala entertainer. I can confidently say that Maga Maharaju is a 100% paisa vasool flick. The director Sunder.C is a specialist in commercial entertainers. He did a wonderful job and the last 20 minutes of the film has hilarious comedy like K.Raghavendra Rao garu films!

How about your character in the film?
I play a boy next door. Many people can easily relate to it. There is absolutely no hero worship or fantasy for the character. Youth can instantly connect to the character when he speaks about girls. There is ample scope for family emotions as well.

You have been choosing more of boy next door roles throughout your career. Any reason behind it?
It is just because people like such roles. Heroism always doesn’t mean unrealistic portrayal of the lead actor. Boy next door roles are fun to act as well!

How did you prepare yourself for Maga Maharaju?
My earlier film Pooja was a commercial success. I was waiting for such a good hit since four years. It ran equally well in Tamil as well as Telugu. That success gave me new spark of excitement and I could give my best for this film. Maga Maharaju is already a good hit in Tamil.

Why was Magamaharaju not simultaneously released in Telugu then?
Shankar’s I and Gopala Gopala were releasing in that season and as a result we couldn’t find decent number of theatres available. That's why we could not release.

But now you are releasing this film in the midst of four films?
We cannot expect an ideal situation for a solo release in the current scenario. It is not possible now because every week there are at least three films releasing. We need to prove our worth in the midst of those films as it increases competitive spirit.

How do you feel about completing 10 years in the film industry?
I am very happy with the journey. People recognized me as an actor with potential.  It is not easy to stay for 10 years in the industry. I realized that I've got good market and people have a good impression and faith in me. It is a competitive place to work and I shall keep giving my best in living upto the expectations.

How was your experience as a producer since four years?
There are many reasons for me to become a producer. Many of my films were not released in time and because of my producers, some films weren’t released in 2012. That’s why I stepped into production.

Tamil Nadu has some serious piracy problems. How do you combat it?
There is piracy in Telugu film industry as well but here everyone came together to fight it. Such unity should come in Tamil Cinema as well. It is a dangerous thing for the industry and if it is not suppressed at this stage, it turns hazardous to the Tamil film industry.

Do you have any strategies in making a move as a producer?
Producing is a gamble. At times things go against our tide but we need to keep calm. Producer needs to be careful about choosing every aspect of the film.

Please tell us about your working experience with co-stars in Maga Maharaju..
I’m extremely happy to have worked with a senior actress like Ramya Krishna for the first time in this film. I really like her acting in Thalaiva Rajnikanth’s Narasimha. In fact, I have few scenes in my film where I challenge her which came out very really well. Hansika is a bubbly girl and a professional co-star. She is quite cool in sets and very hard working.

When can we expect your film under Bala’s direction once again?
I am waiting for a film with him. The moment he gives a call, I'm ready. Hopefully, it will come soon.

You expressed the desire to do a straight Telugu film many times but it didn’t happen till now. Why?
I always wanted to do but something or other keeps coming in between. My straight Telugu film was supposed to start in March but Pandhem Kodi 2 is starting now. But I will definitely do a good film in Telugu.

What about marriage plans?
I haven’t planned anything as of now. I used to have targets regarding work as well earlier but now I don’t have any such things in mind. All I want to do is to completely focus on my work!

Okay..thank you and wish you the best for Maga Maharaju!
Thanks a lot! 

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