Green Flag To Jr NTR

By - February 27, 2015 - 10:12 AM IST

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Right from our childhood we have been taught that a green signal at the traffic junction or a green flag at the railway junction means we are good to go ahead without any issues. Now, one green flag is being shown to the young tiger Junior NTR. Wondering why? Here is the reason.

Well, this green flag is for his recent release Temper and its running for this week. Apparently, there are no big films coming this week and only two small budget flicks Ram Leela and Bham Bolenath are taking the litmus test. This has ensured the theatre count of Temper has not got affected.

Reports from different collection centers across both states reveal the theatre occupancy ratio has been quite healthy for Temper and it is reiterating the stamina of Junior NTR in a big way. Until the next big movie comes, it looks like NTR’s ‘Danda Yatra’ will continue.

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