Maga Maharaju Movie Review and Ratings

By - February 27, 2015 - 03:01 PM IST

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Cast: Vishal, Hansika Motwani, Vaibhav, Prabhu, Ramya Krishna
Banner: Vishal Film Factory
Editor: N B Srikanth
Cinematography: Gopi Amarnatha
Music: Hiphop Tamizha
Producer: Vishal
Director: C Sunder

Avg User Rating: 3/5

Tagline: A Paisa Vasool Commercial Entertainer


Krishna (Vishal) is a self-employed young man in Ooty. He falls in love with Maaya (Hansika) who comes to Ooty on an academic project. One day, due to a plan of Kumar (Vaibhav), Maaya misunderstands Krishna and breaks up with him. Due to a series of incidents, Krishna comes to know about his missing father Kesava Raju (Prabhu) and his separation with his sisters Pedda Bangaram (Ramya Krishna), Chinna Bangaram (Aishwarya Bhaskaran) and Bulli Bangaram (Kiran Rathod) back in his hometown. So, how did the witty Krishna reunite the family and win the hand of Maaya forms the rest of the plot.


Vishal: This lanky actor was impressive with his comic timing. Especially his scenes with star comedian Santhanam were amusing.

Hansika: This bubby beauty was at her glamorous best especially in the songs. Besides songs, like any other heroine in a commercial entertainer, she got few appearances to make and ooze up the scene with her glamor and Hansika does it her way.

Santhanam: This star comedian stole the show with his mark of mannerism and one-liners. He was hilarious as RDX Rajasekhar in fact an asset for this film.

The rest of the lead cast including Prabhu, Ramya Krishna, Kiran Rathod, Pradeep Rawat, Vaibhav Reddy, Madhuurima, Madhavi Latha gave their best for this rollicking fun ride.


Watching the trailer and promos, we were prepared to watch a mass masala entertainer with some outlandish fights, punch dialogues popping up occasionally and lot of other unrealistic and illogical stuff but Sundar C delivered us a paisa vasool entertainer.

He knew the universal success formula - comedy mixed family drama laced up with commercial elements. If you are someone who prefer pure fun over logics and drama, Maga Maharaju might impress you.

Sundar C ensured that he had an engaging narration with comedy throughout. With some amusing performances by Santhanam and Vishal taking care of the rest, the film turns out to be an amusing time pass affair.

First Half: The film starts with the comedy track of Santhanam and slowly gets into the actual story. Scenes between Vishal and Santhanam, the romantic track between Vishal and Hansika and his scenes with Prabhu are the key assets.
Interval Bang: This is a decent interval twist which can leave you interested about the second half.
Second Half: This segment is predictable but the last 15-20mins get entertaining with the re-entry of Santhanam.

- Lead Performances of Vishal, Santhanam & Prabhu.
- Engaging and entertaining narration with enough comedy in it.
- The dialogues in Telugu also tickle your funny bone unlike other dubbing films.
- Decent Music and Cinematography

Both the songs & unusual fights looked forced and obvious.

Hip Hop Thamizha’s music garnered a good response in Tamil Nadu and even you can find the album a good mix of cool, trendy, peppy and mass sounds (we call it sound because we could hardly hear the lyric)


The item song by the faded star Poonam Bajwa (Modati Cinema & Boss fame) was good enough. The cameos by Andrea and special appearance of Khushboo add to the fun in the film.


Maga Maha Raju(lu) is a pakka mass entertainer with good mix of comedy and family drama. An absolute paisa vasool affair – can give a try!

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