Rajendra Prasad to contest Elections

By - March 02, 2015 - 05:28 PM IST

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Nata Kireeti Dr Rajendra Prasad is not just a star hero and a versatile actor but a born leader too! All this while, Rajendra Prasad was pretty much occupied with his films and personal life. But now he wishes to make time to give something back.

Well, he is not foraying into politics! Besides his priceless contribution to Telugu cinema, Rajendra Prasad now wishes to serve the industry through Movie Artists Association (MAA) and as a part of it he is contesting in the Presidential Elections of MAA this term.

He already has the support of active members like Sivaji Raja, Yedida Srinu, Kadambari Kiran and others. The elections will be in this month of March and it is estimated to be a unanimous election this time, according to sources.

iQlik Movies wishes Rajendra Prasad good luck for all his new endeavors!