Director To Become Hero?

By - March 03, 2015 - 11:59 AM IST

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You may have come across those instances wherein a director ends up doing a special role or a cameo in his movies. But have you ever come across a director who has done a full length role as a hero? If all goes well then even this angle might also get fulfilled. We are talking about the noted director Surya Kiran.

He happens to be the husband of the noted character actress and heroine Kalyani. Recently, he was spotted at the teaser launch event of the movie Best Friends Forever and he also shared his thoughts with the media. Surya Kiran revealed how Harinath Policherla, the hero of the movie, became a hero in the movie he directed.

Surya Kiran had helmed the project Chapter 6 which came few years ago and became a dud. Anyhow, Surya Kiran added that looking at Harinath, even he believes he can become a hero. Well, let us wait to see who will give Surya Kiran that offer or whether he will produce a film on his own featuring himself in the lead.

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