Rajamouli Confirms Baahubali Release Date

By - March 04, 2015 - 03:36 PM IST

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As informed by iQlikMovies.com the other day, the release date of the most awaited historical film of this season – Baahubali has gone finally official.

We have already informed that Baahubali Part 1 can be releasing on the 15th of May and director Rajamouli himself confirmed the same a short while ago.

Talking about the release date, Rajamouli announced to the entire world that except one song, the whole talkie part was finished and the team is planning to release the first part of Baahubali on May 15.

All obstacles were cleared for this magnum opus film and Baahubali is coming to us to excite as well as to entertain. The temperatures are seriously rising now!

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