Mega Scion Breaking Akkineni Record

By - March 07, 2015 - 11:44 AM IST

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Though they live in perfect harmony and maintain very cordial relations, there are those times when competition comes into the picture and each tends to be better than the other. We are talking about the big families of Tollywood and right now it looks like one mega scion might break an Akkineni record.

We are talking about stylish star Allu Arjun. Apparently, Akkineni Akhil made the youngest debut as a baby through the movie Sisindri and it became a big sensation at that point of time. Today, Akhil is a grown up man gearing up for his official debut. But now, Akhil’s childhood record is likely to be broken.

This is through Allu Arjun’s son Ayaan. Reports are making rounds that Allu Ayaan would be featuring in the new movie S/O Satyamurthy starring Allu Arjun. If that happens then he would have become the youngest ever to make debut in Tollywood. Let us see what happens. 

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