Manchu Hero Back To 'D' Sentiment

By - March 13, 2015 - 04:05 PM IST

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Sentiment! This is one word you will constantly deal with in your life be it your work or relations or any other aspect. But when you step into the entertainment industry, the sentiment is something that literally dictates your thought process. Perhaps an example that follows might add more credence to it.

It appears that the noted hero Manchu Vishnu has got a sentiment. It is called the ‘D’ sentiment. Well, most of his successful movies have worked when the title starts with the letter ‘D’. His movies such as Dhee, Denikaina Ready, Doosukeltha did well at the box office and got a positive talk as long as they were running.

Now, the Manchu hero is back to the ‘D’ sentiment as he is coming up with his new movie titled as Dynamite. The other plus for the project is, it is being directed by the intense faced yet immensely talented Deva Katta. Let us wish the ‘D’ sentiment works at the box office and delivers a big hit for Vishnu.

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