First As Singer - Next As Actor

By - March 14, 2015 - 07:04 AM IST

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Most of you would agree with us when we say that you dream of becoming something in life but you end up becoming something else. Perhaps that is what is called destiny and then life moves on. The same is the case with many celebrities who aspire to become something and end up becoming something else.

One classic example for that is the cricketer Sreesanth. The Kerala youngster represented India in many prestigious tournaments including the World Cup and made his mark as a fast bowler. Cut to the present, Sreesanth is not a sportsman anymore but an entertainment artist. Yes, he has entered the cine circuit.

Reports reveal he has signed up a Bollywood movie and even our very own Madhura Sreedhar is planning to do a film with him. Before that, Sreesanth has now made his debut as a singer as he crooned for a song in a Hindi movie Woh Kaun Hai. He is also known for his dance moves. Well, from a cricketer to a singer to an actor to a dancer, life has taken many interesting turns for this young man.