Tall Actress Love Education

By - March 17, 2015 - 07:30 PM IST

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Love… Now that’s one feeling which appears to be simple but is actually rather complicated. It takes ages to understand the essence of love and it teaches us a lot. Now, one tall actress also has come up with her point of view and gave some education to her fans and admirers.

She is none other than the sexy siren Sanjjanaa and she got to share her thoughts on Twitter through a line like this- ‘If a relationship is stressing you up a lot, saying goodbye is better than being in it and sulking, live life when alive’

Those who read this are saying Sanjjanaa is very right in her point but they are curious to know whether she is just giving Gyan or is this coming out of some self-experience. Well, she comes from an industry where relationships are often built on flimsy lines and break like a dry twig but Sanjjanaa’s love education will sure prove useful to many.

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