Sunil's Costumes Create Sensation?

By - March 18, 2015 - 06:54 PM IST

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When you watch a hero or heroine onscreen, you tend to observe every aspect about them and a key component for that is the costume. In the last few years, a lot of focus has fallen on the fashion and style statement the stars are offering to the audience. Now, one actor in Tollywood is creating some sensation.

He is none other than Sunil and news is that for his new movie being directed by Vasu Varma, Sunil is putting a lot of focus on his outfits. Sources say he is quite costume conscious and has gone for customized designer wear which create that unique impact when he is seen onscreen.

Talk is that Sunil has done that for his movie Poolarangadu especially in songs and again he is doing it for songs and key scenes in Vasu Varma’s movie. They say that his costumes will be a highlight and it will not be a surprise if Sunil also joins the list of style icons such as Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun and others.

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