Maverick Vs Romantic In Sambar Land

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Yes, we know how your taste buds will react when you hear the word Sambar and it must be admitted that the best place to taste Sambar is Tamil Nadu. This is the reason why some call it Sambar land for colloquial slang. Right now, one big clash is brewing in the Tamil circuit between two icons.

They are the duo of Kamal Haasan and Mani Ratnam. Apparently, the duo is planning to come up with their movies on the same date. While Kamal is gearing up to release his film Uttama Villain on April 10th, it is now reported that even Mani Ratnam is going to release his movie Ok Kanmani on the same date.

Since both films are being released in Telugu as well, their dubbed versions will clash in Tollywood on the same date. This is not the first time that Mani and Kamal have been at loggerheads. It is the third time. Whether it is mere coincidence or there is some reason behind it is not known but here’s wishing both the best of success for their films.

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