Ramu's birthday gift to Mohan Babu

By - March 19, 2015 - 12:40 PM IST

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Eccentric genius RGV says he got no friends at all but he has openly admitted that Mohan Babu is an exception to this.

Their friendship blossomed or in other words hit the headlines during the Rowdy days. And RGV kept making consecutive films with the Manchu family. Well as you know Collection King Mohan Babu turns 65 today and RGV has got a surprise for him.

But again Varma is always incomplete without a twist and he has one even now. Now all eyes are upon what has RGV planned for the big man. Is it a personal gift or a professional one?

RGV can be quite a killer at parties and we have recently witnessed that in Tarak's success meet. So has he planned something at any party this evening? Well we need to wait for a while now! Meanwhile, once again wishing Mohan Babu Happy Birthday..

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