Small Films In TRS Hands

By - March 23, 2015 - 06:30 PM IST

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By reading the headline don’t be under the impression that the TRS party and its government has taken over the small budget flicks in Tollywood. What we are referring to is the Theatre Rental Systems. Apparently, the system in the Telugu states is extremely pathetic and non-cooperating.

For instance in states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka the small budget movies arrive in theatres but there is a different rate for the ticket. And for a big budget movie, the ticket rate is different. Hence, due to the lower price people will feel like coming to the theatres and watching it.

If the prices remain same then they will resort to pirated copies and online versions on the web. Unfortunately, in AP and Telangana states, the system is not like that. So, just like the neighboring states, the theatre owners in AP and TS must work on something like that or else they will be solely responsible for killing the small budget films.

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