Peter Hein's New stint in Vietnamese

By - March 25, 2015 - 10:22 AM IST

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If we see a really tough chasing scene, a bike jump, a sword fight, a horse riding scene, a war episode or a new innovative action scene on silver screen. Automatically a name runs in our mind, he is none other than Action Director Peter Hein.

Commercial or period - he always tried to give his best for every film he did. That’s why he is first choice for many prominent directors in the business. Now he is changing his ‘action director’ title to director. Yes, it’s true.

He is planning to make a movie in his mother tongue Vietnamese language. He is working on a script since two years and he is giving finishing final touches to the script. He is gearing up to start shooting for this film in this year only.

Let’s wish Peter to rock in his new assignment with a new designation. We also wish him to be directing a film in Telugu as well...someday!

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