Sexy Poster Implies 'MOOD'

By - March 31, 2015 - 02:00 PM IST

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When you are in the mood you tend to do things you like but when you are in the ‘mood’ then it has to do with something kinky. And one filmmaker has used the second context in an interesting manner to ensure he catches the attention of the audience for his new movie.

We are talking about the movie Miss Leelavathi and the makers unveiled a poster announcing its release on April 3rd. In Telugu, 3rd means ‘Moodu’ so they changed it to ‘Mood’ given the fact that this is slated to be a erotic treat. Even the poster has a rather seductive appeal to it.

It is not sure how many caught the naughty idea but it is indeed very innovative. From the start, the team of Miss Leelavathi has been coming up with something creative but they need to show the same creative substance in their film too. Or else, the audience will make do with the posters alone.