Ram's Surprise Fight With Prabhas

By - April 02, 2015 - 11:06 AM IST

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Unlike Bollywood, it is very rare that you see heroes having a fight in Tollywood. Even if something crops up, the matter gets settled within no time in a hush hush manner. But right now, one surprise fight has become the talk of the tinsel town. This is between energetic star Ram and young rebel star Prabhas.

Now, before you start pondering over what happened, let us clear the air for you. The fight we are talking about is not something physical but at the box office. Well, reports are arriving that Ram is all set to arrive with his new movie Pandaga Chesko on May 14th and sources say this date is locked.

But as you are aware, Prabhas’s magnum opus Baahubali is also scheduled to arrive on May 15th as work is happening briskly. But the cine seniors say if Baahubali really arrives as being planned then Ram would have to keep aside his movie and tell Prabhas ‘Pandaga Chesko’. Let us see what happens.

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