Ace Comedian Facing Practical Comedy

By - April 04, 2015 - 06:33 PM IST

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If there is one reason why you love to watch Telugu movies, it is comedy. The amount of humor quotient which comes with intelligence and timing is very high quality. Even the range of comedians we have in Tollywood is huge and among them, there are those rare quality of ace comedians.

One such person is Vennela Kishore and he is one man who is not only active onscreen but also on social media. The best part is, even the most serious situations are depicted by him in the most humorous manner and you cannot help getting a smile on your face when you read his tweets.

The latest from him goes like this – ‘It’s always hard to digest when someone introduces his child saying "eedu assal chadavatledandi..shunta..koncham meelagey actor ni cheyandi"

Those who read this tweet could not help laughing their gut out and imagining how Vennela Kishore’s expressions would be at that instant is adding more humor to the situation. The final touch is, Vennela Kishore took a gap and put this tweet for obvious reasons.  

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