Allu Arjun Set To Create Records?

By - April 06, 2015 - 09:11 AM IST

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To those of you are who are active on the internet and social media, you do not require an introduction on the social networking site Twitter. More than the regular people, Twitter has become a very important tool for the film celebrities to project themselves and create a new brand for themselves.

While many celebrities across the globe have been creating a buzz in Twitter, one film star is all set to create a major stir by joining in it. He is none other than stylish star Allu Arjun and in what can be called as a ‘first of its kind’ gesture, he announced he will join Twitter at 8 am on April 8th.

The handle will be Allu Arjun and this campaign is happening with the support from Twitter. Since he has announced before hand, the tech pundits are predicting that the followers rush will come in a big flood and the followers counter could create a record. In a short span, a full length following for Bunny could emerge. Let us wait and watch!

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