Akhil Birthday Teaser Talk

By - April 08, 2015 - 02:06 PM IST

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A 21yr old youngster has grabbed the attention of the world today. He might be a star kid but he adorns an identity for himself. Yes, we are talking about the Akkineni Prince Akhil Akkineni.

And with the latest birthday teaser, Akhil just proved that he is just a star kid rubbed onto the fans. He has got the looks, charm, attitude and every trait of a Superstar-in-making. There were sky high expectations on him and the poor chap waited for long to get the combinations right. We hear a lot of things about the film’s subject and the high octane action sequences Akhil is doing but finally we got a glimpse of the Prince in his debut Production A – All thanks to hero Nithiin. A special making video was released this morning on the eve of Akhil’s 21st birthday.

Akhil was suave, stylish and absolutely dashing in the teaser, especially in fight sequence. Fans are going gaga over Akhil while some feel it would have been great if there was any and this teaser has undoubtedly kicked the expectations to infinity! Hope the top-notch team gifts the fans a blockbuster…eagerly waiting! Happy Birthday Akhil and good luck ahead.

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