Nation Awaits For Celluloid Narendra Modi

By - April 09, 2015 - 09:00 PM IST

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We are all being governed by a new administration and the specialty of this government is, it is led by the BJP which has achieved single largest majority as a party post independence. All credit for that goes to PM Narendra Modi and it was his wave that brought such results. So, you can imagine his charisma.

Now, you are to get further lucky because you would see the apparition of Modi on the silver screen. Yes, a new movie is being made on the life of Modi and here is the interesting part. His role is going to be essayed by none other than the iconic Paresh Rawal who has following across the nation.

Paresh Rawal is currently an MP with the BJP government and he has been a long time fan of Modi. As an actor, he has given some immortal performances right from comedy flicks like Kshana Kshanam to serious roles such as Sardar. Many are saying no one can project Modi the way Paresh can onscreen so get ready for that

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