Heroine's 'Manchu Kurise Velalo'

By - April 10, 2015 - 12:18 PM IST

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There are those among you who have a strong passion towards music and songs as listeners and you have a fair idea of who is a good music composer. And there is no chance that you would not have maestro Ilayaraja among your list of favorite music directors. The way he composes music strikes the chord of the heart instantly.

Over decades, Ilayaraja has churned out some really immortal numbers especially in romantic genre. One such song is ‘Manchu kurise velalo…’ from the romantic movie Abhinandana. Though the film released way back in 1988, the songs are considered classic even today and some are still attempting to sing them.

One name that adds to the list is the petite beauty Madhavilatha. Recently, she held the microphone to give a voice test for the first time and this happened by singing the song ‘Manchu kurise velalo..’ It must be said that the first attempt was not that bad as Madhavi has a sweet voice. After hearing her voice, some are suggesting she must start looking at playback singing as well. What say Madhavi?

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