Is He A Replacement For Real Star Srihari?

By - April 10, 2015 - 06:15 PM IST

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Tollywood is a place where there is a sizeable flood of talented actors in all departments. But despite that, there are those priceless individuals who can never be replaced. This is the reason why when real star Srihari passed away unexpectedly, the industry went into a shock.

Many cine seniors felt there was nobody who could replace Srihari and the vacuum was being felt strongly. But now, some ray of hope is coming. This is in the form of the Kannada star Upendra. Interestingly, Upendra is called as the Real Star of Sandalwood. His performance in the movie S/o Satyamurthy is getting accolades
Not just that, Upendra has got a fair share of following among the Telugu masses because his dubbed movies from Kannada created good impact here. While Upendra fits all requirements rightly, the challenge is, he is a big star in Kannada so will he oblige to all Tollywood offers? Let us wish he does.

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