Writer's Reaction On Pawan Kalyan Tweets

By - April 11, 2015 - 08:38 AM IST

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From the moment power star Pawan Kalyan entered the world of Twitter, his agenda looked very clear. He would speak nothing about his films or anything for fun but all his messages would be for society and the people’s welfare. True to that, after a gap, he has now come up with tweets related to farmers.

Pawan has mentioned about farmers who are facing a possible challenge with the land acquisition happening near Vizag and has volunteered to stand by them and fight against the government if injustice is happening. In lieu of that, one writer has shared his reactions. He is none other than BVS Ravi. This is what he had to say -

‘We can build higher buildings than wider establishments to save land in the age of e-governance required space can be minimized’

‘An outer ringroad and a capital around the road will minimize loss and a better all round development can be achieved in 3 districts.’

While Ravi’s thoughts are in sync and sensible with Pawan’s thoughts, it remains to be seen how much the authorities will pay attention to it.

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