I was initially afraid of the 1st half: Trivikram Special Interview

By - April 11, 2015 - 10:13 PM IST

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Maatala Mantrikudu Trivikram occupies a premiere position in Telugu Film industry with his entertaining films which have thought provoking content and witty lines. He became one of the top directors in Tollywood with the huge success of Attarintiki Daaredhi and now he has come forward with another family drama S/o Satyamurthy which released on 9th of this month starring Stylish Star Allu Arjun. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the talented dialogue writer and director:

Hello Trivikram garu..

How is the response to S/o Satyamurthy? Are you satisfied with the outcome?
It is difficult to say until a week goes by. Usually my films penetrate slowly. I never really think too much about the outcome it creates though.

What is different with S/o Satyamurthy compared to your earlier films?
Well the film is not entirely a commercial film. It is not filled with regular masala drama and punch lines by the hero. We wanted to make a genuine film with an emotional point. I'm sure the film would be received much better as time passes by.

What is your take over the mixed reviews on your film S/o Satyamurthy?
I never read reviews whether online or in newspapers. I hardly watch my films once they are completed.

There were certain negative reviews for this film as well. Do you think something went wrong about the film?
All I can say is the people’s thought process changed a lot off late. They wouldn’t just go by the film’s commercial content but expect something sensible and thought provoking in the film. A common man only looks for good film which would be relished and appreciated.

The female lead Samantha was featured as a diabetic patient in the film. Did you find comedy on diabetic patients risky?
Why shouldn’t a female lead has her share of troubles? Shouldn’t she have her contribution to the comedy plot at all? I really don’t believe that stereotyped heroine who would be used just for glamour and songs and that was why wanted a peculiar characterization for Samantha.

What about villains in your films. S/o Satyamurthy doesn’t have one solid villain..
Yes. S/o Satyamurthy doesn’t have a specific villain. I don’t like the typical hero killing villain storyline ever. That particular storyline has become saturated in our films. That is why my characters change based on the situations instead of being entirely positive or negative.

Do you usually watch the films on the first day with the audiences?
No. Once I was watching Chatrapathi with the common audiences and was quite excited once the first half was over. When the second half began, there were some cynical comments and which disturbed my viewing experience. In order to avoid that negativity I avoid watching it with audiences.

S/o Satyamurthy has various references and quotes from our Hindu mythological epics. What is the reason behind it?
Well, I found they are the best sources of how to live life and felt it would be the best way to explain a strategy or a scene.

Will you be interested to do a film in Tamil?
When I succeed in writing a universal story which would appeal to every audience , I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

Any updates about your next project with Mahesh Babu?
It is yet to be confirmed. Should be knowing the updates soon.

Finally, are you completely satisfied with the outcome of S/o Satyamurthy?
I really did have some doubts regarding the outcome of the first half but when I saw the audiences relish it, even that confusion cleared.

Okay..thank you and wishing you the best for future films!
Thanks a lot.

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