What Is This Suhasini Madam?

By - April 14, 2015 - 11:31 AM IST

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When you look at certain actresses, more than fascination or attraction towards them, it is the respect element which takes over. This is due to the way they carry themselves, their body language and the grace in their words. One name that belongs to that group is that of Suhasini.

She has done some interesting and elegant roles in her career and being the wife of the maverick Mani Ratnam, the respect quotient has doubled. But recently she came up with a statement which raised the eyebrows of many. Sharing her thoughts with the media about the movie Ok Kanmani/Ok Bangaram Suhasini said something.

She reportedly stated that it is better that those who are qualified must review the movie and write about it. This has not gone well with many and they say everyone has got a qualification and he/she can react in his/her own way. They state this is the fundamental right of every individual who buys a ticket to watch the film. Ok Bangaram is due for release on April 17th so let us hope Suhasini’s statement doesn’t affect its outcome.

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