How Heroes Lose Opportunities?

By - April 16, 2015 - 12:53 PM IST

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Once you become a hero, there is always a threat that you tend to get carried away by certain perceptions and some misguidance from those around you popularly known as ‘Bhajana Batch’. In the entertainment industry, there are many such heroes who have lost their careers like that.

The general pattern being observed is that young and upcoming heroes are looking at 1 crore as the benchmark for remuneration. The star scions anyhow have it because they have that family heritage and backing. But those who come from other background feel that such staggering amount is unrealistic.

If one film becomes a hit, they demand 50 lakhs and if second movie also works, they start demanding 1 crore. From then, their downfall starts. Producers and directors will not come and the heroes will leave movies. Due to that hibernation, their demand falls and market place is lost. The best way to sustain is to do back to back films if script is good. But some heroes have too many parameters and they are losing opportunities along with their careers because of it.

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