Actress Denies Rumors

By - April 22, 2015 - 10:45 PM IST

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Once you become an actress whether you get film opportunities or not but you would get gossips and rumors in galore. And if you become a successful actress then the rumors and gossips simply multiply. While some of them tend to ignore, some voice out their annoyance and some just clarify their point.

One actress who is known to speak her heart constantly is Khushbu Sundar. Recently, there was a grapevine that she is doing a film based on the life of the late Sunanda Pushkar, wife of politician Shashi Tharoor. Before this grapevine could go out of hand, Khushbu came out and gave her view through her tweets like this -

"What is this story about me asking the script of some film rumored to be on the lines of #lateSunandapushkar, wife of @ShashiTharoor?
Someone approached me to play Arjun's wife n I asked for the story without which I don't do films. Where did the 3rd angle come in?
The 3rd angle is that me as a congress person was keen to know if it's based on @ShashiTharoor late wife..why the hell would I do that?
I personally called Arjun and told him that I stopped doing films long back I am not interested in doing a guest appearance...
Looks like some idle mind is working overtime n trying to create an unwanted side story to it..I have no clue about the director nor the film."

Well, that’s curtains dropped on the buzz and we can treat it as just another tale from the gossip mills. 

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