Flute Tribute To RGV By Maestro Nag

By - April 22, 2015 - 10:42 PM IST

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When do you pay a tribute to someone? Only when that person has reached a legendary status or if that person has created a very deep positive impact in your life. In lieu of that, it can be said that the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma has been a true inspiration to many aspiring filmmakers and actors.

Now, one music director has decided to show his admiration through a special flute tribute. He is none other than Nag Srivatsa and news is that he would be doing a special gig at a special event. This event is the audio release function of the movie 365 Days which has been helmed by RGV himself.

The audio event is on April 23at the famous Taj Deccan hotel in Hyderabad. Inside news is that the tribute would be starting with the immortal Godfather music and will shift to various tunes. This is going to be a blend of flute ecstasy and fusion. Maestro Nag would be performing along with his team so let us wait for that then.  

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