RGV's interesting comments on OK Bangaram

By - April 22, 2015 - 10:04 PM IST

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Ok Bangaram is leaving everyone awestruck or in other words, no one is leaving Ok Bangaram…not even eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma who otherwise claims that love stories and family entertainers bore him.

He finally watched Ok Bangaram and couldn’t resist tweeting about it –

“Jst saw Mani's film and if the award commitee members have any sense they will take back all awards of Mamooty and give it to his son”

Of course, the shower of praises did not end here. Dulquer Salmaan (son of Malayalam acting great Mammooty) has impressed RGV so much that he went on to tweet as follows:

“Mamooty is a junior artiste compared to his son. Mamooty should learn acting from his son..I mean realistic. Mamootys son will make Kerala proud In the non Kerala markets in just years which Mamooty couldn't do for decades”

Any other starlet would have easily got overwhelmed and carried away by the compliment but Dulquer gave a humble yet interesting reply –

“In ten lifetimes I won't be one millionth the actor my father is, no matter what I accomplish.”

Well Dulquer’s performance won brownie points and his sparkling chemistry with Nithya is being lauded all over. Surprisingly, RGV’s tweet did not include about Mani Ratnam or Nithya or about the film!

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