'Ganga' Floods In Tollywood Confirmed?

By - April 23, 2015 - 02:48 PM IST

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For those of you who are spiritualists, Ganga refers to the holy river Ganges where you yearn to take a dip. For those of you who are cine buffs, you might get reminded of one film which was planned starring Victory Venkatesh and got shelved. But now, the time has come for another Ganga to come.

This is a new horror entertainer which is coming from the camp of the multi-faceted Lawrence. The film has already arrived in Tamil Nadu and has become a good hit. It is being touted as Kanchana-2 and now, it is gearing up to hit the Telugu screens on April 24th in the dubbed version. The first part also became a big hit in Telugu.

The inside news is that the Telugu version had go through some hiccups due to the buyers and distributors understanding and now everything has been sorted. This is slated to be a film that would appeal largely to the B, C center audience because there is ample comedy, glamour and horror element.

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