365 Days Audio Highlights

By - April 24, 2015 - 12:40 PM IST

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The much talked about movie 365 Days had its audio release event at the famous Taj Deccan hotel and it took place in a grand style. A first of its kind highlight was a new angle was projected by the eccentric genius RGV and even his words were entirely different.

The chief guest VV Vinayak said Ramu on one side and title of the film, the stage has no link at all. Another guest actor Uttej said one has to marry carefully because nobody is happy after marriage and it is just hypocrisy if someone says he is happy. Star writer Kona Venkat said he feels better he got married because that made him responsible. Or else he would have still been a vagabond.

Kona added that his life would have been a mess without marriage. Then came the turn of lyricist Sirasri who said “I have seen 365 Days secretly and I can say that RGV has taken it so well that those who got divorced will want to reunite, those who feel why they should get married will get married in less than 365 years.”

Music director Nag Srivatsa said “Working with a mountain like RGV is my honour. His music sense and depth is great and it is indeed a blessing for me.” Last but not the least, RGV said “I make a movie like a story. Sometimes public likes it and it becomes a hit. I just follow my conviction and not for making hit movies but looking at this environment I am now wondering if I have made a really good movie.” Well, this would be answered when the film releases.

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