Madhu Shalini's Revolutionary S-Film

By - April 25, 2015 - 08:04 PM IST

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Whenever you say that there are not enough talented Telugu girls who are beautiful, sexy or charming then you should remember that one girl proves that to be wrong. She is none other than Madhu Shalini and though she is not part of the big league, she gave the best whenever she got an opportunity.

Now, this cute cheeked starlet is all set to arrive with a short film titled Seethavalokanam and this is no ordinary project. This is a revolutionary short film. Usually, when a short film is made, it is put in Youtube but this one has not come yet. It has a duration of 16 minutes.

So far, the trailers, press meets, complete movie show in Prasad labs have happened but it has not been uploaded in Youtube. When some people asked why, the truth came out. It is heard that the short film has been made with a costly budget because there were grand settings and branded actors in it.

The short film happens to be Ramayana in Seeta’s perspective and how important her character is in the entire epic. In fact, Seeta is the key for Ramayana to happen so this is going to be the theme of the short film. Those who heard this said it is indeed a revolutionary theme and after getting a lot of hype the makers want to release it in youtube which is not a routine formula.

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