What Sells The Most In Today's Cinema?

By - April 27, 2015 - 06:27 PM IST

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You may have put a lot of efforts and brains in shaping up a nice movie but all this goes in vain if it doesn’t fetch revenue at the box office. Cinema is a public product and it is the audience that decides which film is good. But in order to win their hearts, you need to know what exactly they want.

So, cine analysts have been discussing on what sells the most in today’s cinema. If you look at it broadly, films in south especially Tollywood run well when there is good comedy. In the north, films get massive response from the masses when there is a good dose of glamor and sex.
But at a deeper level, the scenario changes for success. Ultimately, it is the conviction and the hook factor that a director creates which matters. The narration needs to be strong and if it can engage the audience for the two plus hours then that paves way for success.

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