No Special Appearance in Akhil's film: Naga Chaitanya Interview

By - April 28, 2015 - 06:56 AM IST

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Naga Chaitanya has had an interesting set of films till now right from his first offering Josh. He has proved to be a different actor when it comes to romantic flicks like Yem Maaya Chesave and Manam along with action oriented films like Auto Nagar Surya. Now this cool actor chose a crime adventure Dohchay directed by Swamy Raa Raa fame Sudhir Varma. The film was released last Friday and has been running successfully. Here is an exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hi Chaitanya..how are you doing?
Hi.. I am doing good..

How is the response for your latest release Dohchay?
There was mixed response on the first day but by weekend it became steady. Dohchay is a different film and takes time to get into the audience. I am sure it will pick up more in coming days.

The film’s title coincides with your nickname. Is there any reason behind it?
Nothing like that. The title was told by Sudhir Varma coincidentally my name was there in it.

How was it working for a different film like Dohchay?
This is the first time I did a film in Crime adventure. I personally like Crime comedy films and found this script to be quite interesting. Coming to Sudhir Varma, he already proved his mettle with Swamy Raa Raa in that genre. If such director asks me to do a love story I’d have given a second thought but Dohchay was sure promising.

How is the response for Dohchay overseas?
US Openings are good and the film is doing well in A centers.

Did you do any homework to prepare yourself for such different role in Dohchay?
Dohchay was new and challenging for me as an actor. I didn’t do any specific homework for acting but took effort to look stylish. I am completely satisfied by the outcome and  want to do different films like this every year. I don’t want to be confined to only love stories.

You did some great stunts in Dohchay. How was it working for them?
It was quite thrilling and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love driving bikes. Regarding the chases, a special stunt master from Bangkok designed them and most of it was shot only over buildings but not on roads.

How is the response for Dohchay from general audience?
They enjoyed comedy in the climax. General audience got the satisfaction of watching a decent feel good film after seeing Dohchay.

Please tell us about your working experience with Kriti Sanon.
Instead of just confining her to glamor, she had a part to play in the storyline. Kriti is a hardworking actress and fantastic in remembering Telugu dialogues. Despite not knowing the language she did a phenomenal job in delivering them.

What is your take on the much talked about character Bullet Babu in the climax?
Brahmanandam did a great job it wasn’t imitating any particular person. It was only to make audience laugh. My dad watched Dohchay and enjoyed Brahmanandam’s episode very much.

Do you think films like Dohchay would be confined to only class audience?
The story has universal appeal and if it connects to everyone it is called mass film and when only for few, it is classy flick. Dohchay can be termed as a class film because A centers liked it a lot. However, the last comedy episode would be appreciated by masses as well.

Can you term Dohchay as a career plus for you?
I didn’t think about it actually. I wanted to give a different experience to the audience and new stories are being accepted by the audience. The taste of viewers has changed a lot with the advent of multiplexes and they are willing to watch different films.

When you heard Dohchay’s story, how were your expectations?
I didn’t think of any expectations about the film. I wanted to do a different film which is beyond the regular formulaic five songs and six fight sequence.

Will you do films like this in future?
Definitely. New genre films will challenge my acting skills and taking risk would always lead to a better product. There was risk in blockbuster films like Geethanjali and Shiva . If my dad hadn’t chose them, he would have missed such brilliant pieces of cinema.
Do you have a plan of appearing in Six pack look?
Well, it shouldn’t be done for the sake of it but suit the film’s scenario. If an action genre film demands it Six Pack would make sense, but it is needless for a love story.

Is it true that you will be seen in a guest appearance or Akhil’s debut?
No. don’t have such idea. But we all are eagerly waiting for Akhil’s full length film. It will be an out and out commercial package.

Upcoming films?
The film with Chandoo Mondeti is finalized but the story has to be decided. Another film with Gautham Menon is in discussion and will let you know the details soon.

Okay.. thank you and wish the best for your future projects!
Thank you..

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