Allu Bhai's Poetic Picture

By - April 30, 2015 - 03:03 PM IST

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Family names and images run strong in the Tollywood circuit and one among them is the mega family. In a way, it is this family which is currently dominating the dynamics of Telugu industry because it has more than half a dozen heroes in their compound. One among them happens to be Allu Sirish.

After getting a decent score with his last release Kotha Janta, Sirish has kept a low profile and sources reveal he is working rigorously on a new project. In the meantime, he is making his presence felt through some occasional pictures on his social networking profile Twitter.

The latest from him happens to be a picture of his taken in front of a mirror with a message that reads ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the dark horse of them all.’- the inspiration for this line came from the famous line in ‘Snow White And Seven Dwarfs’ and as for Sirish’s picture, all are saying the picture on the mirror and opposite the mirror look good.

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