Kung Fu Hero Vs Karate Villain

By - May 01, 2015 - 12:34 PM IST

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You remember the time when there was a barrage of Kung-Fu movies which used to come from China and Hong Kong. They used to be dubbed in English and released here. Since then, the craze for martial arts has been high in India and eventually our heroes also took to that and became martial arts experts.

Now, a clash is all set to take place between a hero who is an expert in Kung Fu and mixed martial arts and a villain who is a very senior expert in Black Belt Karate. All this is going to be seen onscreen in the new movie Gabbar Is Back. This has charming star Akshay Kumar and our very own Suman.

Speaking about it, Suman shared his thoughts with the media when he reportedly revealed how both him and Akshay come from martial arts background and that’s why they connected very well. Suman beamed with pride when he said Akshay gave compliments about his Karate skills. While Suman is 55 years old, Akshay is around 47 years old. Let us wait for the film to watch them in action!

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