Baahubali's Latest Poster Talk

By - May 02, 2015 - 12:46 PM IST

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S.S.Rajamouli is touted to be one of the most succesful filmmakers of modern day Tollywood with high voltage entertainers as well as experimental cinema with commercial touch. His projects always become talk of the town even before they get released. While his earlier film Eega set this trend with more vigor, his latest offering Baahubali has been on the news right from the day it was announced. In fact, Baahubali can be termed as one of the most anticipated releases this summer with stunning budget, strong star cast and larger than life set design. 

Just when Karan Johar officially annuonced that his prestigious banner Dharma Productions will be presenting this deserving flick, Rajamouli has released the film's official poster in social media. While the poster design stunned the viewers and increased the expectations about the film in tenfold, it also raised more questions paving way for another debate. The main reason for this is because- the poster design exactly resembles that of a Hollywood film Simon Birch. Though the actual storyline of Simon Birch has nothing to do with Baahubali's theme, the poster's exact replica has definetly raised many questions.

Rajamouli's earlier films like Chatrapathi, Eega were also accused of being inspired from World Cinema but they confronted the opposition with flying colors. We will have to wait for Baahubali to release in order to find out the reason behind this poster inspiration!

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