Public Talk On Rajamouli's Talent

By - May 04, 2015 - 09:35 AM IST

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You always feel a sense of pride when you speak about the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli given the fact that he has been coming up with commendable blockbusters through hard work and determination. At the same time, Rajamouli is also famous for lifting a few from Hollywood.

This time again, he has done that for his magnum opus Baahubali’s poster and a lot of discussion is happening about it. Well, it cannot be denied that Rajamouli has taken inspiration from the Hollywood flick Simon Birch for the poster but here is another side to this. Not many are doubting his caliber as a filmmaker.

They say that though he has copied, there is a lot of emotional quotient he brings in while executing the scenes and with the right amount of nativity. The Telugu audience banks more on the emotion than the logic so if that is made convincingly then they welcome the film. In Rajamouli’s case, he can deliver that emotion in ample quota so he can be given that benefit of doubt.

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