Andrea's Sex Appeal Vs Kamal's Performance

By - May 05, 2015 - 07:07 PM IST

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When you are watching a song onscreen most of your attention is towards the heroine because she is the one glamorous, oozing sex appeal and showing a lot of her beauty. In view of that, there were those watching the film Uttama Villain and one among them happened to be the noted lyricist Chaitanya Prasad.

He got to share his thoughts on the leading lady Andrea’s sex appeal versus the iconic Kamal Haasan’s performance. He mentioned about it on his Facebook like this- ‘‘Uttama Villain’ cinema chustundagaa modati paata avvagaane maa aavida adigindhi- aa ammayena andrea?

Naa samadhaanam: emo teliyadhu. Nenu aa ammayini chudaledhu. Kamal ne chustoo pakkana ammayini chuddam marachipoya.’ Well, many could agree with what Chaitanya has been saying because the power of Kamal is such that you cannot take your eyes off from him when he is onscreen.

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