Differences between NBK & Lion Producer?

By - May 05, 2015 - 01:13 PM IST

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You might have heard about Creative differences but of late Release differences are quite common between the hero and producers. Though the film is ready to go, the producers are waiting for the right slot to release their films to grab the initial openings - the cut-throat competition is as such!

On the other hand, in some cases the hero wishes to release his film in a particular season and slot which is rarely seen of late. And even Nandamuri Balakrishna is no exception to this. NBK’s Lion that was initially scheduled to hit the screens on the 1st of this May was postponed to 8th of May due to delay in business. But now our inside sources reveal there is a difference of opinion between Lion producer and Balayya regarding Lion release.

As per sources, Lion movie overseas business has not yet been finalized yet and hence the producer wants to wait for one more week to finalize the business and release this. But Balakrishna who has already fixed a muhurtam for the release and postponed it once is not happy with the present proceedings. He wants to release the film on the scheduled date and time by all means.

Well we have to wait and see if the film can finalize its business essentials and release or whether the producer can convince Balayya for one last time!

JUST IN >> Lion to release on  at 9.36 PM

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