Film Title @ Rs 10,000

By - May 05, 2015 - 02:14 PM IST

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When you decide to make a film, there are certain procedures to be followed and one among them happens to be registering the title at the film chamber. Till recently, the charge for title registration at the Film Chamber was 500 rupees and this was sufficient. But it led to some mal practices.

Many used to come and register titles everyday. As a result, if some moviemaker wants to take that title then that person has to approach the individual who has originally registered it. Knowing that it is a genuine need, those who registered used to charge 1 lakh to just give away that title. Since the other party was serious and genuine filmmaking team, they had to shell out that amount.

So, in order to cut that system, the fees has been raised to a whopping Rs 10000 by the Film Chamber authorities. As per the new rule, once the press meet is held and film is announced, that fund will be returned deducting the amount of Rs 500. With this, about 200 titles used to get registered every month but now only 15 titles got registered. Way to go Film Chamber!

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