Guess Who?

By - May 06, 2015 - 08:00 PM IST

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She is one of those star kids whose parents were renowned actors. Her father happens to be an icon across Indian cinema circuit who has a unique reputation. This girl started off with lots of bumps in her career but eventually she turned out to be the most sought after in Tollywood and south.

Lately, she has become a seductive beauty and has begun making her presence felt in Bollywood as well with some branded projects. Is this enough for you to guess who she is? Okay, here is more. She is also a highly talented music composer and a brilliant singer. At one point, she used to sing in rock bands.

In case you still haven’t got her, she is none other than Shruti Haasan. As part of her beauty maintenance, Shruti has come up with this super scary mud mask and the other pretty girl in the picture happens to be her best friend Natasha Bhalla. Once the mask wears off, this beauty is sure to create ripples of admiration.

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