Asin's Vehicle Seized?

By - May 07, 2015 - 06:42 PM IST

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We treat actors like demi-gods but they repeatedly prove to be ordinary beings (of course without being grounded). We idolize them but not many live up to it. They break laws, act dumb, give lame reasons and do mediocre stuff now and then.

We had the national breaking news regarding Salman’s verdict the other day and today, yet another Bollywood heroine is in the news for a wrong reason. This is coming from Mumbai.

Going into the details, actress Asin’s car was seized by the Mumbai Traffic Police officials today when her car (MH 02 CL 5335) was wrongly parked at the city airport. When Asin noticed her car being seized, she requested the officials for some time and got away without even paying the fine.

Of course, it is quite usual in case of aam admi but it is not the same in the case of public personalities.

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