Most Happening Tollywood Siblings

By - May 07, 2015 - 10:10 AM IST

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You have seen in Bollywood how there are film families and each family has got a bunch of kids emerging to become stars. But now, even Tollywood is not far behind as it has enough film families ruling the roost with many youngsters from the compound taking to acting. One such family is the mega family.

While there are already half a dozen heroes in this unit, two in that family are being touted as the most happening siblings in Tollywood. They are mega prince Varun Tej and the cute smiling Niharika. Both are the children of mega brother Nagababu who has become a kingpin in the television circuit.

Many feel both Varun and Niharika are creating lot of waves and while Varun looks set to become the new age superstar, Niharika is already making her mark in the small screen. Prior to them, it was the duo of mega powerstar Ram Charan and stylish star Allu Arjun who were called the happening cousins and now it is the turn of these two.

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