Future Of Film Theaters

By - May 09, 2015 - 11:59 AM IST

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As brutal as it may sound, fact remains that not many are showing interest to come to theaters to watch movies these days. Earlier, right from Murali Mohan to Sridhar to Chiranjeevi had their own market base but today even openings for a promising film have become a challenge.

Only top range movies are having demand and that too only the first few days. Given these factors, the theaters are not working for exhibitors. As per a study, every year 30% single screen theatres are shutting down and they are becoming marriage halls or getting demolished to rise as commercial complexes.

Many are predicting that in the future, stand alone theatres will be becoming extinct and only multiplexes will remain. For small budget films no one is coming to the theaters and buying tickets. For the big budget movies revenue is not sufficient no matter how much they earn. Sad but true!

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