New Beautiful Actress Catches Attention

By - May 14, 2015 - 06:17 PM IST

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Some of you may aspire to become a film heroine but you need to remember that it is a very volatile market because there is a constant need for variety and new faces. So, it takes a good amount of looks, performance and most importantly the right obedience to sustain in the industry for longer time.

And whenever there is a new beauty with the right credentials, she gets chosen immediately. One beauty who has become the talk of the filmnagar circles is Manjima Mohan. She happens to be a discovery of the maverick moviemaker Gautham Menon and as expected, her roots are in Kerala.

Manjima is the leading lady for Yuva Samrat Naga Chaitanya in his new movie to be helmed by Gautham and she carries a sizeable experience because she has been working since she was a child. The cine analysts are already predicting that Manjima is going to be the new sensation in Tollywood circuit.

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